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Luxury Vegan Candles Are Here To Stay!

Welcome to our new blog! Les Bullock Candles will be discussing all things home, wellness, and fragrance of course!

My name is Reisha and I am the founder of Les Bullock Candles. The back story behind how Les Bullock Candles was born is near and dear to my heart. Being a fragrance lover, I used to purchase some of my favorite candles from a store I will not name (because we will never speak ill of anyone) but, the candles I use to love were made with paraffin wax. Paraffin wax is great in the sense of how much fragrance it holds in the production of candle making. However, too much fragrance will overwhelm your nervous system which causes for feelings such as nasuea, headaches, and allergy issues. The soot from the wax can also turn your wall and/or celings black. No one wants a black wall!

Anyways, after loving this brown sugar fragrance candle for many years, my allergies began affecting me. I began to get awful headaches whenever the candle was burning. Of course this took many years to realize that it was indeed the candle causing these issues. After realization, I began to do research on what type of candle would be best for the environment and best for consumers that struggle with allergy issues and sensitve to different fragrances. After much research, I decided to attempt to curate a soy candle that I would enjoy. After buying all the materials and making a few for my friends and I... I began to enjoy the outcome! And so, Les Bullock Candles was born.

The above picture is one of our first candles curated.

We love all things home, wellness, and fragrance! Our blog will give you ideas and tips on how to best find fragrance you will enjoy, interior designs that can compliment your space, and tips on how to keep your home and heart healthy!

Know That We CARE!

Join our blog knowing we are wanting to educate you on how to keep your candles healthy, share tips on how to spice up your home decor and also share information on how to keep your mental and body healthy.

You are always welcome to leave us comments on if you enjoyed our blog. We also welcome you to leave comments on what you would like the next topic to be about. Buy Now or Subscribe.

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